Public Works Director

Dennis Schmidt, P.E.

Mr. Schmidt leads the Public Works Department’s purpose in its efforts to develop and maintain the City’s infrastructure, buildings, grounds, and vehicular equipment, and provide specialized community services, such as tree care, recycling service, and parking management.

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    City Engineer

    Dave Clark, P.E.

    General Public Works & Engineering Division questions, projects, budgets.

    Engineering Division Staff

    Assistant City Engineer, Environmental Section
    Eleanor Blackmon, P.E.
    Reconstruction, rehabilitation, and major repair projects on storm and sanitary sewers, ditches, and related infrastructure. NPDES Phase II program.

    Assistant City Engineer, Development Section
    Tony Vandeventer, P.E.
    Private development projects, City monitoring of privately built infrastructure, floodplain regulation, automated City map (GIS), grading and drainage permits, and Right-of-Way permits.

    Assistant City Engineer, Transportation Section
    Chris Sokolowski, P.E.
    Planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for all modes of transportation


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    Operations Manager

    Currently Vacant

    General Public Works Operations questions pertaining to maintaining the City’s infrastructure.

    Operations Division Staff

    Asphalt, Concrete, & Streets Section
    Broc Summers, Operations Supervisor
    Potholes, sidewalks, street sweeping, repair curb and drive approaches, yard waste collection, and install handicap ramps.

    Sewer Section
    Jason Harden, Operations Supervisor
    Respond to sanitary back-ups, clean storm sewer inlets, repair sanitary and storm sewer lines, inlets, and manholes, provide televised footage of sanitary and storm sewers, and barricade areas impassible due to flooding.

    Traffic & Lighting Section
    Glen Berger, Operations Supervisor
    Street lights, traffic signals, street signs, pavement markings, and underground utility locates.

    Forestry Section
    Andrew Lamoreux, Operations Supervisor
    Prune City trees, remove dead, declining, and hazardous trees from City rights-of-way, plant trees, work in cooperation with developers and private tree contractors to ensure proper tree protection in construction zones, respond to service requests, monitor the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, and collect holiday trees.

    Building Services Section
    Cory Conrad, Operations Supervisor
    Manage building systems and contracts (HVAC, elevator, pest control, and janitorial services) for all City buildings, deliver interoffice mail, provide remodeling and installation services at City facilities, and respond to request from all City departments for facility repairs.

    Fleet Services Section
    Steve Simon, Operations Supervisor
    Perform preventive maintenance and repairs on all City vehicles, prepare new vehicles for service, purchase fuel and keep inventory of fuel records, and manage recycling programs, such as tire recapping, waste oil, antifreeze, battery, and part cleaning solvent recovery.


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    Administrative Services Manager & Public Information Officer

    Kris Koester

    Parking Programs, Customer Service, Recycling Programs, and Administrative Functions, Departmental Public Information Officer

    Administrative Services Division Staff

    Administrative Services Supervisor – Customer Service
    Jeremy Schultz
    Customer service, database supervision, parking permits, revenue collection

    Parking Operations Supervisor
    Shirl Johnson
    Parking enforcement, maintenance of meters and lots.

    Administrative Services Supervisor – Finance
    Mary Ann Ford
    Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, Purchasing, Contract Management, Budgeting

    Administrative Assistants 
    Nicki Grubaugh
    Lisa Raymond