Employee Recognition

The Champaign Police Department’s Employee Awards Ceremony is held annually to help highlight staff accomplishments over the previous calendar year and to thank each and every one of them for their positive commitment to our City.  

We thank our officers and staff for their tireless efforts to advance CPD’s mission “to serve our public by the unwavering protection of all citizens, through unconditional respect and collaborative efforts with our community.” Our continued success is defined by the collection of our daily standards to always perform at our greatest, and always in pledge to our dedication of service through trust, integrity and respect.

Please join in congratulating the below individuals, nominated by their peers for embodying those very principles and for having a standout year of service in 2016. 


Officer of the Year

Detective Andre Davis has proven himself to be an exceptional detective that is widely respected by his peers.  Since his arrival to the Investigations Division, Detective Davis has been primarily tasked with the investigation of sex crimes and offenses against children.  The complexity and emotional involvement of these investigations is immense.  However, Detective Davis has grown to be a subject matter expert, and time and time again, he has handled these cases with a patient, compassionate and methodical approach which, in nearly all cases, results in the conviction of the suspect(s).

Although crimes against children are some of the most difficult cases to investigate, in 2016 Detective Davis additionally worked cases that were substantially raised in complexity and difficulty.  Though these cases were exhaustive in numerous ways, Davis remained patient, confident, and incredibly focused, helping to bring arrest and prosecution to the offenders involved and closure for the victims and families.

Over the past year, Detective Davis has emerged as one of the leading Detectives within the Investigative Division.  His abilities are excellent, and continue to develop each day.  He has demonstrated outstanding judgment during his criminal investigations and shown himself to be a leading authority on the investigation of crimes against children.

Remarkably, Detective Davis remains incredibly positive and is an inspiration to others in the division.  He is selfless, always willing to help others regardless of his individual caseload, and serves as an educational resource to others on various investigative topics.  He is a skilled interviewer and maintains an outstanding reputation in both law enforcement agencies and the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Detective Davis is a consummate professional, and he serves his department and citizens with professionalism, diligence, and integrity.  He is an asset to the Investigations Division and represents the Champaign Police Department with both skill and honor.

Employee of the Year

Rebecca (RC) Martin has been with Champaign Police for 29 years.  She is very committed to our mission, and you will never hear her make any negative comments toward the department or her position. She provides excellent customer service and is always very polite to the public and gladly explains any policy or procedure to them. RC also provides very good customer service with the officers. Officers know if they cannot find a report or a ticket they can count on RC to locate it without hesitation.

RC consistently performs outstanding work. On a daily basis she double checks report entries to make sure they are properly filed and locked. There is rarely a time that RC does not know the proper procedure for any Records-related duty.  She continuously works at purging all of the old reports, and at the end of each year, without being asked, she handles most of the moving of reports and tickets to make room for the upcoming year.

This year RC has been tasked with handling over 200 expungements.  This process is very tedious and you must be very accurate to remove the correct person from the correct report. The expungement does not only cover the report itself but also any additional arrest jacket or booking information that our agency may have in our custody. RC must verify that all of this information is expunged properly. Each expungement takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete but the average is approximately 3.5 hours for each one.

RC consistently has great performance evaluations.  Her knowledge of the Department and the Records Unit is impressive.  She is always here on time and hates to miss a day of work. She never complains when she is asked to handle something additional. She is reliable for any task given her and is very deserving of the recognition that she is receiving.

Lifesaving Award

The Life Saving award is presented to an officer who has taken significant steps to mitigate a potentially life-threatening event.

On December 28, 2016, Officer Art Miller responded to the 1300 block of Joanne Lane for an assist medical call.  When he arrived, he found a resident in the home giving chest compressions to an unresponsive family member.  Officer Miller took over the CPR function and continued resuscitation efforts for approximately five minutes until ambulance personnel arrived.  The patient was transported to the hospital, where he regained a pulse and began breathing.

Officer Miller’s activities that night played a tremendous role in the patient’s recovery and made a huge impact with the patient’s family, especially during the holiday season.  For Officer Miller’s quick actions, he is presented with the Police Department’s Life Saving Award.


Commendation Awards

Ahsell, Brian
Ahsell B
Allen, David
Allen D
Bednarz, Jim
Bednarz J
Burnett, Jodie
Burnett J

Butler, David

Davis, Andre
Allen D
DeLong, Robert
Bednarz J
Fisher, Kaitlin

Funkhouser, Patrick

Haugen, Kristina
Allen D
Hobson, James
Bednarz J
Holloway, Dillon

Kelly, Patrick

Krauel, Bradley
Allen D
Kristensen, Jonathan
Bednarz J
Miller, III, Arthur

Miller, Kristy

Newell, Benjamin
Allen D
Nickell, John
Bednarz J
Oberheim, Christopher

Olmstead, Kevin

Reddy, Ganesh
Allen D
Sebestik, Edward
Bednarz J
Shipley, Chad

Simons, Patrick

Sumption, Dustin
Allen D
Vogel, Stephen
Bednarz J
Yandell, Jaceson

Young, III, Von








Volunteer Awards

Kesler, Timothy                                Lang, Jim
Timmy J Lang







Crossing Guard Awards

  • Eilbracht, Kurt, 10 years
  • Harrison, Judy, 20 years
  • Mable, Jeffrey, 10 years
  • Massengale, Lee, 10 years
  • Massengale, Vera, 10 years
  • Simpson, Glenn, 5 years

Heroes and Helping Hands Awards

  • Davis, Jonathan
  • Harrell, Jonathan
  • Patton, LaTerra
  • Riddle, Pam
  • Shields, Isaac
  • Van Camp, Melissa
  • Zylauf-Mulderink, Heidi

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