Neighborhood Registry

The Neighbors of Champaign Website includes a webpage for each registered neighborhood organization. Champaign’s Neighborhood Group Registry currently includes the following categories of neighborhood organizations: Homeowner Associations, Lakeowner Associations, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Neighborhood Organizations and Non-Residential Civic Organizations.

In addition, all City departments, through their designated staff, are able to communicate with registered neighborhood leaders and other neighborhood residents subscribed to the neighborhood’s page on the Neighbors of Champaign website.  The content of these notifications will revolve around neighborhood and community events, meetings, projects, initiatives, service activities and information alerts.  This feature also enables neighborhood leaders to share these types of information.  Neighborhood leaders will also be able to share documents such as agendas, minutes, event flyers and other useful information on their neighborhood pages for public review.  Registered neighborhoods are also encouraged to publish their social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter and other pages on their neighborhood pages.