Neighborhood Organizing and Problem Solving Assistance

The Neighborhood Coordination Division is responsible for citizen education and outreach, coordination of interdepartmental efforts to solve neighborhood problems, organizing neighborhoods, and promoting neighborhood self-help programs to address community priorities.

Homeowner/Lakeowner Associations
Homeowner and lakeowner associations have been formed throughout the City to manage the commonly owned areas of a group of homes or condominiums.  In addition, homeowner and lakeowner associations are also subject to common laws that are applicable to not-for-profit corporations. Registration is completed through the Illinois Secretary of State Business Services Division by filing as a not-for-profit corporation.


Neighborhood Watch Program
The Neighborhood Services Department works with Champaign County Crime Stoppers to administer the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program.  Any registered Neighborhood Group can be a part of this program and can place signs in their neighborhood to show their involvement.


Annual Registration
Registration of neighborhood groups is required annually.  As officers’ change and groups evolve, the City needs to update its records.  The City promotes updating Neighborhood Group registration at the beginning of each year, however, registration can be updated any time simply by filling out the registration form.

Start a New Group
Filling out a new group application to create a neighborhood group is a great way to get to know your neighbors and better the community while encouraging residents to take an active role in organizing their neighborhoods. The City of Champaign provides technical and financial assistance to neighborhood groups including mailings, organization, leadership, and service project assistance, and additional assistance to help define and solve neighborhood issues and problems.  

Neighborhood Small Grants
The Neighborhood Small Grant Program provides funds for small-scale neighborhood improvements or enhancements as identified by registered neighborhood groups. Registered groups can apply by completing a small grant application 


National Night Out
The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) has held National Night Out (NNO) in cities across the nation since 1982. The National Night Out event is designed to heighten awareness of methods used to prevent crime and drug activities in neighborhoods.  Champaign-Urbana’s annual celebration features several local agencies offering valuable information on keeping neighborhoods, homes, and pets safe.