Homeowners Association Neighborhood Leaders Forum

The Neighborhood Coordination Division facilitates a quarterly leadership forum for local homeowners associations (HOA). The quarterly HOA Leaders Forum is designed to promote peer to peer sharing between HOA’s in Champaign, and to provide technical assistance and support to sustain healthy HOA organizations throughout the city. HOA groups throughout the city experience many of the same problems relating to HOA board management and sustainability, detention pond maintenance, reserve fund development, common area repairs and maintenance, collection of dues/fines, and a host of other issues that are unique to these types of neighborhood organizations.

The Neighborhood Services Department provides a forum to connect and engage group leaders and residents on best practices related to HOA administration. These quarterly forums will enable the City to build stronger connections and provide targeted support to registered HOA groups within our registered group database. They will also allow us to leverage the collective experiences and expertise of HOA group leaders throughout our community to assist each other in developing solutions to challenges impacting Champaign neighborhoods.

Please contact the Neighborhood Coordination division at (217) 403-7070 for more information regarding meeting dates.