IT Director

Mark Toalson

Areas of Focus: Department leadership, strategic planning for technology use internally and citywide, telecommunication and information technology budget planning, strategic planning for maintenance and support, analysis of industry-related trends, managing private sector purchases for information technology and related consulting.

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    Administrative Assistant

    Colleen Kilian

    Areas of Focus: Help desk support, project assistance and support, website support and training, phone system management, overall department secretarial support, departmental organization.

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    Management Analyst/Project Manager

    Cynthia Chandler Ward

    Areas of Focus:  Facilitate the City’s Comprehensive Organizational Resource Evaluation (CORE) project and manage related process improvements.

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    Network Engineer

    Joseph DeWalt

    Areas of Focus:  Network design, research, development, and maintenance, research and initial implementation of new technology, Internet and firewall technologies, virtual server environments, parking ticket system assistance.

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    GIS Administrator

    Roger Diercks

    Areas of Focus:  Management and guidance of the GIS program at the City, leading meetings of the City’s GIS committee, creating and maintaining GIS data, reports and maps; assisting with GIS application development and software support, GIS database administration, data analysis and research.

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    Network Administrator

    Daphne Greaves

    Areas of Focus:  Implementation and support for financial and budget software and other citywide software solutions, Freedom of Information Act requests, domain security and account services, email and application administration, computer purchase program.

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    Database Administrator

    Brian Perkinson

    Areas of Focus:  Regular administration of City databases, performing tuning and analysis, performing database client/server software installs, applying database software updates and patches, and performing database loads.

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    Police Network Administrator

    Mark Reckowsky

    Areas of Focus:  General technical support, electronic asset management, hardware and software setup and configuration, software purchasing and licensing, domain security and account services.

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    Network Technician

    Brenda Reed

    Areas of Focus:  General citywide technical support, citywide electronic asset management, hardware and software setup and configuration, software purchasing and licensing.

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    Network Technician

    Anh Tran

    Areas of Focus:  Answer and assist users calls related to troubleshooting PC-based hardware and software problems and printer hardware problems, assist IT staff with hardware repair and installations of personal computers, printers and on remote LAN systems.