Human Resources Director

Amanda Farthing

The Human Resources Director provides advice to the City organization in the allocation and utilization of human capital to deliver outstanding service to our community.

The Director plans and administers the activities of the Human Resources Department which includes responsibility for the City's recruitment and retention, employee compensation and benefits, collective bargaining, performance evaluation, discipline, training and employee development, and risk management activities.

Assistant Human Resources Director, VacantAssistant Human Resources Director
Areas of Focus:
•  General oversight of Human Resources operations and activities
•  Staffing and reorganizations
•  Job analysis
•  Compensation and position classification
•  Training and employee development


Larry Krause, Risk Manager


Larry Krause, Risk Manager
Areas of Focus:
• Workers compensation, work related accidents, and duty injuries
• Safety programs
• Liability and insurance services



Karen Hampton, HR Specialist

Areas of Focus:
• Police and Fire entry-level recruitments
• Promotional testing for Police and Fire Departments
• Employee onboarding and separations
• Benefits administration

Steve Harms, HR Specialist
Areas of Focus:
• Employee training and development
• Information and data management/payroll
• Benefits reconciliation
• Communications Advisory Committee representative

Stacy Rachel, HR Specialist
Areas of Focus:
• Recruitment and selection, NeoGov administration
• Job offers
• Job analysis and job descriptions

Jason Maldonado, Administrative Assistant
Areas of Focus:
• Front-line customer service and administrative support
• Information requests
• Recording Secretary for the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
• Accounts payable