Training and Professional Development

The Training Division manages the professional development, readiness level, and continuing education for the Operations Division of the Fire Department. We strive to ensure that all suppression personnel are prepared to respond for any call for assistance from the citizens of the City of Champaign, those working within its borders or anyone traveling through our great City! The Department takes pride in training its personnel to the highest standards in the fire service. The Division strives for excellence in every aspect of what we do, to make sure our Firefighters are ready to answer any call they are dispatched to. In 2015, the Suppression Division continued to use its many resources within and outside the Department to enhance training and educational needs. The following are the highlights of over 10,000 training hours completed in 2015.

  • More than 9 days of live fire training at the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI).
  • Various scenario-based Incident Command and Company Officer development training sessions.
  • 20 Fire Officers completed Fire Officer I & II certification training.
  • Several new Probationary Firefighters completed a 6 week basic firefighting academy at the IFSI, followed up by several more IFSI classes to include Firefighting, Haz-Mat, Tech Rescue, ICS and EMS.
  • All new Probationary Firefighters went through a 3 day Firefighter field training program, consisting of 19 skill assessment and enhancement priorities to meet both the individual and Department needs.
  • 2 Firefighters attended a 50 hour Rapid Intervention Technician (RIT) class at IFSI to be able to train all Department personnel on firefighter rescue techniques.
  • 11 Firefighters received their certification as a Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) by attending a 40 hour course at IFSI.
  • Department wide fire apparatus driver/pump/aerial ladder training.
  • Countless hours of company based fire related training.
  • Over 25 hours in “reading the smoke” and thermal imaging camera (TIC) training, provided to the Operations Division from a State of Illinois Grant called Cornerstone Grant for Firefighters. This training was facilitated at the IFSI and taught by IFSI Staff.
  • A commercial building on Clark St. was donated to the Fire Department Operations Division for training. This building provided us with over 162 staff hours of valuable training in numerous fire ground practical applications.