MobileMeter – Pay By Cell

What is MobileMeter

Customers parking at a City of Champaign parking meter can use the MobileMeter to pay for their time in lieu of coins and CashKeys (MobileMeter is not available for use in the Hill Street Parking Deck or at paystations).

  • Users can download the app for free at the app is available on iOS and Android phones.
  • Users may also use the website to pay or call (217) 207-3033.
  • MobileMeter users can pay for any length of time at the meter, up to the maximum amount of time allowed per the regulation sticker on the meter.
  • Users first need to set up an account using their cell phone number and entering their credit card information.
  • After initial setup, users will not have to reenter their payment information on subsequent uses.
  • There is a $0.25/transaction fee per use.
  • Users who load a MobileMeter Wallet to pay for their session and load $10 will receive $1 free.