Public Works Services for Businesses


The City’s Adopt-a-Highway Program is available to all groups who are an established organization with an acting President and Group Coordinator. The program requires the roadways to be located within the City of Champaign and to be at least one mile in length.  For more information, click on the link above, or contact the Public Works Department at 217.403.4700.

Erosion Control, Stormwater Management, & Stormwater Utility Fee Information

Information on Stormwater, Sump Pumps, Erosion Control Regulations, Standards and Permits, Floodplain Information, NPDES Phase II Permit, Stormwater Detention, and the City’s Stormwater Utility Fee.

Jursidiction of Streets

The ownership of a street determines who is responsible for its maintenance.  Streets within the City’s corporate limits are either privately owned or owned by the City, University of Illinois, or Illinois Department of Transportation.  The following links illustrate the City’s corporate limits and its jurisdiction of streets.


Information on how to obtain temporary and long-term permits in Downtown and University Districts; online payment and appeal options for parking citations; contractor parking information on meter bags and loading zones; definition of a CashKey; and parking rules and regulations.

Parkway and Right-of-Way Control

Need a Right-of-Way Permit or Grading and Drainage Permit? Click on the link above for more information.


The City strongly supports recycling and encourages all citizens to take part in waste reduction. Citizens may take part by participating in the City’s curbside recycling program or the Multifamily/FeedTheThing Recycling Program.  Looking for an opportunity to recycle?  Just click the “Recycle” link above to get started!

Sanitary Sewers

Nobody wants to think about their sanitary sewer, but if a sanitary sewer backup occurs in your business, call the Public Works Department first!

Sidewalk Snow Removal

This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan.  Not sure if you are supposed to clear the sidewalk in front of your business after it snows? You should check this out too!

Subdivision Regulations and Manual of Practice

Subdivision Regulations concern the dividing of tracts of land in the City and within 1.5 miles of the City Limits. The Subdivision Regulations are Chapter 31 of the City Code. Technical standards are published in the Manual of Practice to support the Subdivision Regulations.