Citizen Review of Police Complaints Working Group

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Background Overview

On April 26, 2016, City Council held a Study Session concerning the current police complaint process and the topic of Citizen Review. During the Study Session, Council reviewed report SS 2016-22 (click HERE for the Study Session Report to Council; click HERE to see a rebroadcast of the April 26 City Council meeting).

As a result of that Study Session, Council directed Chief Anthony Cobb to form a Working Group which would be responsible for conducting research, gathering public input, and making specific recommendations for Council consideration.

In June 2016, Chief Cobb appointed eight community members to serve on a working group to review the police complaint process. Six City employees, including City Manager Dorothy David and Chief Cobb, participate on the committee by hosting and facilitating the Working Group’s bi-monthly meetings.

The Citizen Review of Police Complaints Working Group’s kick-off meeting was held July 12, 1:30 – 3:30 PM at the Champaign City Building.

Bi-monthly meeting dates are held: 10 AM – 12 PM at the Champaign Police Department [82 E. University Ave] on the following dates:

  • Monday, August 1
  • Thursday, August 18
  • Thursday, September 8
  • Thursday, September 15
  • Monday, October 3
  • Thursday, October 20
  • Monday, November 7 – cancelled
  • Thursday, November 17

The public is welcome to attend these meetings.  As well, citizens are invited to attend the below community meetings for opportunity to share their perspective on the topic and the group’s research findings.

Community meetings will be held:


Goals of the Citizen Review Working Group:

  • Examine the current process for the intake, investigation, and review of citizen complaints and make recommendations for improvement
  • Review the Police Department’s use of force history, its process for handling internal investigations, and its process for reviewing Use of Force incidents and make recommendations for improving those processes as well
  • Evaluate Citizen Review models from comparable cities
  • Propose a process for the periodic reporting and review of citizen complaints
  • Make a recommendation to City Council as it relates to Citizen Review

Committee Members:

  • Alissia Young
  • Anthony Cobb
  • Brian Greer
  • Bruce Brown
  • Dorothy David
  • Jon Swenson
  • Keith Thomas
  • Larry Lewis
  • Michelle Cooper
  • Mike Schlosser
  • Rachel Joy
  • Tod Rent
  • Travis Dixon
  • Will Cowan