Sign Permit Applications

In order to place a new sign or replace the face on an old sign, a permit is required prior to installation. The following are application forms for the most common types of signs. They can be downloaded and mailed in with the fee for processing.

The fee is $0.15 per square foot or $20, whichever is greater.

Wall Sign Permit Application

Freestanding Sign Permit Application

Canopy or Awning Sign Permit Application

Projecting Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Regulations Overview

Central Business District Sign Regulations Overview

Commercial General District Sign Regulations Overview

Commercial Neighborhood District Sign Regulations Overview

If you would prefer, you are welcome to send an e-mail with a picture or drawing attached for review prior to formally applying for a permit to the following e-mail address:  You can use the same e-mail to ask questions about what is permitted in a particular district, or call us at 217/403-8800.