City to Defend Vine Street Lawsuit

The City of Champaign has received a copy of the Complaint filed by Jeshaun Manning-Carter and Laura Manning, his mother, concerning an incident that occurred October 9, 2009 – the accidental shooting death of Kiwane Carrington and the arrest of Manning-Carter at 906 W. Vine Street. The Complaint alleges that Carrington was shot by Police Chief RT Finney. City Attorney Fred Stavins said, “The allegations regarding Chief Finney are completely false. The case was thoroughly investigated by the State Police and other law enforcement agencies and has undergone both internal and external reviews”, says Stavins. “There has never been a shred of evidence that suggests Chief Finney was the shooter. All the physical evidence, including a test of Chief Finney’s gun, contradict these allegations,” he added.

“We will defend this case vigorously and fully believe that these allegations will be shown to be false during the course of the litigation,” Attorney Stavins added.